About Jacob Revach

 Advanced Metal Industries company, Israel

"…Bringing Value to Industry and Agriculture…"

Since my childhood I was always close to the world of agriculture. Generations in my family were farmers so for me,

it was a natural step to work in a field that is so related to "my world" like farming equipment.

I was triggered and fascinated by machinery and endlessly "hunted" for improvements of our equipments.

Now I do it for living and help many farmers and manufacturers to benefit from my ideas and innovations

generating major savings to their resources. I'm glad I made a field of interest to way of life.

Our staff includes experienced mechanical engineers who are responsible for development.
We also employ experienced metal workers who are expert in quality finishing while meeting tight tolerances
and supplying machinery and equipment according to schedule.

Our products:

Farming Machinery

Seeds Separation Equipment

Industrial Conveyors

Recycling – Eco Farming

Methods and Perceptions

*Developing and manufacturing machinery that brings added value to our customers all over the world.

*Substantial saving in resources – working people and money.

*Easy to operate and maintain (self maintained machinery).

*Diverse uses through a single operating unit.

*Meeting tight tolerances and reaching quality finishes.

While endlessly searching for solutions to improve your position amongst your various customers, we believe we can provide you with powerful tools for your success.Providing unique added value
such as major saving for many of your customers' resources, will improve your position and more
so will create customers dependability. They will always know that you are not just a supplier
of equipment but also a valuable partner providing them benefits in a relatively quick turn around.

For more details you can always contact us via this e-mail adress and we will be happy to provide you with answers to your questions.